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    Rolling door manufacturer tells you the setting position of rolling door.
    Rolling door is generally used in some important occasions, such as some warehouses, libraries and other places. Where else can it be set up? Next, the rolling door manufacturer tells you the location of the rolling door.
    1. close the staircase to the aisle; close the elevator compartment, leading to the front room and the front room leading to the aisle door.
    2. check wells for vertical wells, such as cable wells, pipe wells, smoke exhaust roads, garbage roads, etc.
    3. distinguish fire zones, control the firewalls and the doors on firewalls. When it is difficult to install firewalls or fire doors in buildings, they should be replaced by fireproof rolling doors manufactured by rolling doors manufacturer. Water curtain protection is also required.
    4.规范或规划特别要求防火、防烟的隔墙分户门。例如:附设在高层民用建筑内的固定救活设备的设备室(钢瓶室、泡沫站等),通风、空气调节机房等的隔墙门应选用甲 级防火门;常常有人停留或可燃物较多的地下室房间隔墙上的门,应选用甲 级防火门;因受条件束缚,须在高层建筑内安置燃油、燃气的锅炉,可燃油油浸电力变压器,充有可燃油的高压电容器和开关等,专用房间隔墙上的门,都应选用甲 级防火门。还有规划有特殊要求的须防火的分户门,如消防监控指挥中 心、档案材料室、贵重物品仓库等的分户门,一般选用甲 级或乙级防火门。高层住宅楼的分户门,常选用防火防盗门。

    4. specification or planning specifically requires fire prevention and smoke prevention partition door. For example: the equipment room (cylinder room, foam station, etc.) attached to the fixed rescue equipment in high-rise civil buildings should be attached. The partition doors of ventilation and air conditioning rooms should be selected as grade a fire doors; the doors on the partition walls of the basement with frequent stays or more combustible materials should be selected with grade a fire doors. The boiler with fuel and gas, the transformer with fuel oil immersed power, the high-voltage capacitor and switch with fuel oil, and the door on the partition wall of the special room should all choose Class A fire door. There are also special planning requirements for fire protection sub-doors, such as fire control monitoring and command center, archives and materials room, valuables warehouse and other sub-doors, generally choose class A or class B fire door. High rise residential building door, often choose fire safety doors.


    首要用于大型卖场、大型专业材料商场、大型展馆、厂房、仓库等有消防要求的公共场所。当火灾发生时,防火卷帘门在消防中 央控制体系的控制下,按预先设定的程序自动放下(下行),从而到达阻遏火焰向其他范围延伸的作用,为实施消防救活抢夺名贵的时间。
    Mainly used in large-scale stores, large-scale professional materials stores, large exhibition halls, factory buildings, warehouses and other public places with fire requirements. When a fire occurs, the fire rolling shutter doors are automatically lowered (down) under the control of the central fire control system according to a predetermined procedure, so as to prevent the flame from extending to other areas, and to seize valuable time for the implementation of fire rescue.
    在一般情况下,大型建筑根据国家消防法的规矩配备了消防中 央控制体系。当火灾发生时,装置在房顶的烟感传感器(简称烟感)首要接到烟雾信号,一同向中 央控制体系报警,消防中 央控制体系通过辨认后接通火灾所在区域的防火卷帘门电源,使火灾区域的防火卷帘按必定的速度下行。当卷帘下行到离地上约1.5米方位时,间断下行,以利于人员的涣散和撤离。防火卷帘门在中心停留必定时间后,再继续下行,直至关闭。防火卷帘门的下行速度和中心停留时间可在装置时进行调整。
    In general, large buildings are equipped with a central fire control system according to the rules of the National Fire Law. When a fire occurs, the smoke sensor on the roof receives the smoke signal and alarms the central control system. The central control system connects the power supply of the fire rolling door in the area where the fire occurs and makes the fire rolling curtain descend at a certain speed. When the rolling curtain is down to about 1.5 meters away from the ground, it will be interrupted to descend, so as to facilitate the lax and evacuation of personnel. The fire shutter door will remain in the center for a certain time until it is closed. The downhole speed and the central residence time of the fire shutter doors can be adjusted at the time of installation.
    在某些场合,建筑内不配备消防中 央控制体系,防火卷帘门仅借助于防火卷帘门的消防控制电器箱完结防火卷帘门的防火规矩工作程序。在这种情况下,当火灾发生时,烟雾传感器接收的火灾信号直接传至防火卷帘门的消防控制电器箱。
    In some cases, the building is not equipped with fire central control system, fire rolling shutter door only by means of fire control electric box fire rolling shutter door to complete the fire prevention rules and procedures. In this case, when a fire occurs, the fire signal received by the smoke sensor is transmitted directly to the fire control electric box of the fire rolling shutter door.
    In the case of power failure, the fire shutter door can only be lowered by pulling the chain. The manual operation of fire shutter doors can only be lowered one way, and can not be improved.
    因而卷帘门的设置方位关于周围的安 全情况来说也十分重要,其实制作卷帘门的要求比较高,但这都是出于安 全的视点考虑,假如您对我们的产品感兴趣,可以直接与我们进行联络。
    Therefore, the setting position of the rolling shutter door is also very important for the surrounding security situation. In fact, the requirements of making the rolling shutter door are relatively high, but all of these are from a security point of view. If you are interested in our products, you can contact us directly.
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